Wednesday, December 19, 2007

painting and baking and shopping.......OH MY!!

OKAY, its time for a deep breath. Iam telling myself that. We signed lease/option papers tonight on our house, and got the keys. I have been doing nothing but eat,sleep and breath paint the past two days. I got the living room 1/2 done the dining room and one bedroom finished. I gotta say that ILOVE THIS HOUSE!!!! Im felling overwhelmed with blessing and grattitude. The testimony of this house is completely from God. There are so many without homes, and basic nessecities because of the flood. and God has given us this house. I pray that he will use this house for ministry and healing. That we can comfort and bless all who enter in some way. That they will feel something different, a calmness, hospitality, love and laughter here. I pray that our children will grow in the lord here, that they will make memories here that they will cherish forver. I pray that our neighbors will see JESUS in our actions and words. I guess i just simply want to glorify God in some small way. This is his house and he has blessed us to live in it and take care of it for awhile. But before we move in i have lots more packing to do and baking to do, shopping to do, to celebrate this grand birthday. Then we can relax and enjoy this house. And we are so excited!!!

our anniversary

I forgot to mention last week that my amazing husband and i celebrated our 14th wedding anniv. on the 11th of this month. It kinda seems to take a back seat to everthing else that is going on that same week and the rest of the month. Maybe we should consider doing the half year celebration. Pick a date in the summer, when its easier to get away and celebrate. Hey, I think i am going to do that next year. He surprised me with a new holiday starbucks mug and a gift card. And he baught it the weekend BEFORE the anniversary. I was impressed with that, i do not think he has ever purchased a present ahead of time. I guess it took him 14 years to learn. He is doing good. He knows the way to this gals heart.............through a coffee cup. i do not have the energy to go into the whole story of us, but i will give you some interesting trivea from our wedding reception. The guy who caught the garter was the first man to go to jail in washington state for the 3 strikes your out law. Wanna know what he did? Now let me preface this. Okay this guy went to our church that we were ministering in during college and we thought he was a little off. and ya know when you put those all memeber invites in the bulletin for things. well thats why he was there. When your the youth pastor you kinda gotta invite everyone, so he came. Then he committed murder. YES, THAT IS NO TYPO, he murdered a little old lady that he used to do yard work for. I am glad no one faught him for the garter. He committed this felony about 6 weeks after our wedding. anywhoo, i love my hubby and i am glad he is mine.
Well i am soo tired, a good tired though. I need to get my kiddos to bed so i can sit down and relax for a momento. tina

Monday, December 10, 2007


you are all boy, and i love you more than life. Your starting to develop your own thoughts and style. You wanted to start growing your hair out and you are. We took you to a salon last week to get your hair styled for the first time and I baught you your own "GUY HAIR GEL" for your birthday. I am trying to figure you out. i am not sure what to buy you any more, your not little, but your not big. You love to talk and tell stories, pizza excites you, you love hanging out with your dad. Baseball is your sport and i love watching you pitch. You get embarrased when we metion certain girls names. You have a heart for the Lord and were baptized this fall. For that iam so grateful. I believe you will speak boldly for the Lord one day. You are very literal and black and white. I remember your curly blonde hair and big grin at 2 years old. You warm my heart and i am blessed to be your mom.

Now to finish the birth story, well ya all know he was born, but how?
We had just had the heavenly epidural and i relaxed enough to get to 10. We started pushing, and pushing, and pushing. No baby. Not even to a plus station. We squated, we used the bar, we rolled around, I flashed my brother in law Blaine, he was mortified to see my butt. 2 and 1/2
hours later still no baby. He never came down at all! So my doctor, whom i love dearly, who came in on his day off to deliver started talking C-section. I was horrified, and sad and disapointed. I cried, we prayed, i called my bradley inststructor. Scott and i decided that was the only choice we had and we did it. I wanted so much to have a vaginal birth a experience everything, i wanted to hold him on my chest after birth, i wanted my family to experience it with us. I hated doing it, but i was thankful for the option, had it been 100 years ago...well the outcome would have been bleak. So we preped for surgery and about an hour later out came khalob weldon, we did not find out what we were having. I though it would be a girl, so i was suruprised. Had i not already been laying down and strapped to the table i would have fell off at the announcment of his weight............ 9lbs 10 oz. 21 inches long. and he was posterior, head up instead of head down. I was like.... are your serious? how can that be? my mother had 8 children and non over 7-8 lbs. Holy Cow where did this moose come from. OH MY GOSH, do you remember the first time you get to hold them? The moment they come out and you discover who they are. There is nothing like it in all the world. NOTHING!!!!!! I was so in love and seriously ready to do it all over again. He nursed good. We stayed in the hospital for about 5 days. no complication, my insurance was just good and allowed that so we took advantage of it. The surgery was no fun, throwing up with staples SUCKS, and i thought for sure i ripped them all out, i had never even been in the hospital before this so it was an eye opener. The catheter was terrible. But he was worth it all. We drove home in our Jetta and i was paranoid about getting on the Freeway, i was like watch what your doing, slow down, be careful, pay attention to the other guy. We got home to our little apartment in downtown Edmonds. My milk had not come in yet and ofcourse i hardly slept at the hospital... the drugs, the high from the experience, just learning everthing. Well that first night home my milk came in i was engorged and khalob screamed for 12 hours. He was hungry, but could not latch on. I was a mess, i remember not sleeping and being so tired, i think i had a surge of hormones on top of it, he would not stop crying, i was crying, my mother in law said to give him a binky and i was terrified of niple confusion, so i did not, and in great turmoil over whether to do it or not do it. It was like you know 1-2- 3-4 in the morning and i just did not know what to do. I had to call somone who recently had a baby cuz i thought they would be more up to date on the nipple confusion, but my friend leslie was back in Tennesee at the time and the time differance was 3 hours. So i was watching the clock like a hawk, which made the night go even slower. i did not want to wake her up, but i was desperate to talk to her. i couldn't wait any longer and i think i called her at 5am my time. Do you remember leslie? i was so desperate for someone to tell me what to do, and i did give him the binky, i shoulda just listened to mom. Sorry mom!! I do not think it helped much, he was so hungry by then, and i was feeling sick from being engorged. We went back to the birthing center and they pumped me and he ate and we were all happy. And i was not leaving that hospital without a breast pump, so i sent my husband to go buy me one, no matter the cost. i did not care, i was not going home with out one. Do you remember that look on the babies face when they have had enuf to eat, we called it "milk drunk" there eyes roll up in their head and they are relaxed and just look euphoric. very sweet. oh how i love nursing babies. I actually dreamed about it not to long ago. anyway, that is the story of how my son entered the world. I only took about 15 hours, from start to finish, not to bad for a first timer and a c-section. Thank you lord for him, please help me to learn him and the best way to parent him in a way that best fits him and his peronality and learning style. He is a treasure.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

nana's gift.......we thought

Happy birthday mom, I love you so much and am so grateful that you are my husbands mother. You bring so much to me pesonally, to my life. Your example and your faith inspire me. Your joy and laughter bless me. Thank you for being such a huge part of my life. Hugs to you today! I hope you had a special one. tina

10 years ago today i was very pregnant and sitting down to hear my husband practice the first sermon he would ever preach. We were in Bible college and scott was in his Homiletices I class. It was about 9am and he had just pulled out the t.v. on a stand to use as a podium to run through his sermon. i was all comfy on the couch and he had just started to speak and i said " WAIT! I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM" as i stood up from the couch i felt a gush down my leg. UH OH, i said, my water just broke, he was like nuh uh! i said, yes its true, i guess you do not have to preach today. I think that was a relief for him. anyway we proceeded to get ready to go to the hospital. We live in downtown edmonds and delivered at Swedish hospital in Ballard, up in the Seattle area. We chose to do the Bradley method of birth, very natural, no intervention, lots of walking, and no drugs. So we get there and started laboring right away, i was already at 3c.m. had been there for a week or so. Things started progressing quite quickly,
The whole family was there, i wanted it to be a big celebration and everyone to experience it with us. I think there was 8 in the room most of the time. I was starting to hurt really bad and come to find out i was having something called BACK LABOR, and it hurt horribly and it never went away. i got in the tub and that helped for about 20 minutes and then it got really bad, i guess it relaxed me enuf but not enuf to make me feel better. The back labor was horrific and to be honest i do not remember much after the hot tub. It was a blur, lotsa pain, were now about 10-11 hours into it, which really is not to bad for a first baby. i started getting a fever and the babies heart beat started going up just a little, i was very tense and not able to relax at all. up to this point i had done everthing as written in my birth plan. My doctor suggested an epidural to relax me enuf to let the rest happen naturally, i was reluctant, but gave in. Oh my gosh, was it heavan. the back labor was killing me ladies. I have to admit there was some guilt involved from enjoying the drugs so much. I so wanted to do it drug free, oh, how i enjoyed it though. I felt soo good to have no pain for awhile and to be rid of back pain. How is it that some can tolerate it and others cannot? That is a mystery, cuz i really wanted it and had educated myself too. anyhow. Now remeber that today is my mother in laws birthday and she was going to get her first grandchild as a gift. how cool would that be. Since it is not the the tenth yet you will have to toon in for the rest of the story until tomorrow. tina (oh, i guess you figured out that mom did not get him for a gift on her day.) see ya tomorrow tina

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


oh my this month is in full force. We have 4 birthdays and 1 anniversary in day 4 thru the 11th of this month. Then another on the 18th and the 31st with christmas in between. There is also some sweet little boy i know thrown in there too. His name starts with an M and ends with an N andi think he is named after a jar. My husband and i are celebrating #14 this year. that seems like alot to me. My son is reachin his first goodness it has gone fast. I will talk more about him in a few days. And i will talk more about my sweety in a few days. We are packing and there are boxes everywhere. Not much decorating going on in this house this year, I feel okay about it. We got a wee little tree for a table and it looks good. and a few candles and a few things hanging around. Iam getting content with the clutter of boxes and stuff not where it should be, and feeling very blessed and thankful that i have a home at all that is not covered in mud or water. I just can not even imagine going through that. sleep tight. tina

Friday, November 23, 2007

calling all scrapbookers

I am desperate, so i am going to throw this out there. i am a creative memorie consultant and i do it as a hobbyist, just to keep my own addiction fed and a few friends. I have to order every 3 months and i have an order due the end of this month. I am very short of a complete order. I do not want to take any of you away from your own consultants who do c.m. as a business, so if you have your own just disregard this. I sell my product at wholesale, that is 30% OFF whatever is in the catalog or on line. You get it for what i pay for it. If any one out there is interested, please let me know. I have heard horror stories about some c.m. consultants and i am not one of them. I love the product, but i am not apposed to using other stuff. If you have not looked at a catalog or on line recently, they have come along way and have really expanded there product line. Lotsa fun stuff. Spread the news, i appreciate it. tina

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Blessings

Happy thanksgiving everyone. It has been a good day today. Great food, family and just a blessed day. I am most thankful for somthing my husband did for us about 11months ago. He took a chance and applyed for a job to get us out of the negetive situation we were in. God started opening doors almost instantly and my husband had the courage, strength and obediance to step out in faith and start a new career in something he knew absolutely nothing about. I am so proud of him and so greatful for his integrity and his wiilingness to start over at so many levels. This move has braught us closer to his brother and his family whom i love deeply, it has braught us to a small community that we can connect and be a part of missionally in a way we were not able to in the city. The Lord has just given us our dream house to buy in which we will be moving into the end of december. His new job has braught new struggles, but god has been faithful in giving me what i needed to get through it one day at a time. I have had to rely on him, and have experienced the power of prayer in a mighty way. i love you scott and i thankyou for what you did for our family, words cannot exspress how full my heart is for you and your sacrifice. you are the best. My husband is my hero. I am full of grattitude, joy and love. tina

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


OVER TIME IS FINISHED!!!!!!! Scott came home this morning and did the happy dance for me. Yes his clothes were on. (: He has been working overtime for almost 3 months. One thing i am so grateful for is that his regular schedule will feel like vacation to us. He will work sun, mon, tue, wed. from 5pm to 7am and have thurs, fri, sat off. We are so happy for it to be over. It was like an endurance race for him. and was starting to feel like it to us too. thankyou Lord for bringing it to a close. I must go for now, i have many pies to make. and potatoes to peel.. Will be back though to talk about what i am thankfull for. tina